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    October 30th, 2008Ariel WaldmanUncategorized

    When: December 7, 2008 from 2-5pm
    Where: The Satisfactory (the offices of Get Satisfaction), 164 South Park St., San Francisco

    *Please* RSVP at http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1295713
    Earlier this year, we threw the first ever CupcakeCamp and it was a delicious success. So, we’re happy to announce CupcakeCamp2!

    If you’re baking or buying cupcakes for the event, you must register your cupcakes.

    How CupcakeCamp Works

    (this mainly applies to people bringing cupcakes, but please feel free to just show up and enjoy eating them too!)

    This is an event for cupcake lovers, so you can:
    – buy cupcakes to bring
    – bake cupcakes to bring
    – just eat cupcakes

    1. No limit on how many cupcakes you can bring!

    2. You need to have your cupcakes (how much and what type) registered by Friday, December 5 at Noon -otherwise we will have to do the unthinkable and reject your precious cupcakes (o noes!)

    3. People bringing cupcakes should bring them to Get Satisfaction by 1:30pm the day of (if possible)

    4. In true BarCamp style, we will have twelve 15 min. timeslot schedules for tasting different types of cupcakes. The schedule will be posted the day of.

    5. Be prepared to take leftover cupcakes home. Ariel, Lynn, Marianne and Cindy can take *some* of your cupcakes off your hands and distribute them amongst our friendly Web 2.0 companies the next day (Get Satisfaction, Twitter, Pownce, Justin.tv, Adaptive Path, etc.).

    6. Share your recipes! Request access to the CupcakeCamp PBwiki to share your cupcake recipes with other cupcake lovers.

    7. We will have a Best in show competition! Judges will be Lynn, Marianne and Ariel. Categories for best in show: Best Holiday Cupcake, Best Decorated, and Most Unique Ingredients (try to be more creative than just chocolate (we <3 chocolate, but we want other types as well!))

    That’s it for now – can’t wait!

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