• CupcakeCamp SF 2009 Best In Show Winners!

    October 6th, 2009Ariel WaldmanUncategorized

    CupcakeCamp SF 2009, hosted at Automattic this past Sunday in San Francisco, had a “best in show” competition with 4 categories. Thank you to our judges who endured what could only be described as cupcake overload! Thanks to cjmartin for the photos below (exceptions credited below).

    Best Decorated

    Caramel Apple Cupcake
    Winner: Popcorn with Carnival Toppings by Aaron Dence and Jason Menayan

    Runner-up: Cookies ‘n Cream by Melissa Lock

    Best Breakfast-inspired

    Winner: Gruyere, Bacon, Mushroom with Cream Cheese Frosting by Jackie Freeman

    Picture 74
    Runner-up: French Toast with Bacon and Maple by Kelley Ng
    (photo above by sushigrl04)

    Best Halloween

    Winner: Pumpkin Spice by Melissa Lock
    (photo above by jwong2992)

    Runner-up: Black Bottom by Julia Tomczek
    (photo above by karaem23)

    Best Unique Ingredients
    Picture 72

    Winner: Strawberry Basil by Cara Hirsch & Alexa Zimmerman

    Picture 73
    Runner-up: Chocolate Creme Delight by Timoni Grone

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